The location of your session is entirely up to you; your backyard, favorite park, gardens, a farm. I will work with your to determine the best background to suit your families' personalities and home decor needs. I do prefer to work outdoors when the weather cooperates, and the best times of day to work with outdoor portraits are early morning or late afternoon/evening. These times will provide the best consistant lighting. I have a trained eye for finding and using the best available lighting for your session. Allow up to 1.5 hours for your session.

If you prefer indoor portraits, I have a studio set up in my home. This setup works best for newborns and young children.

For newborn and infant sessions, I will work with you to determine the best time of day for your session, working around naps, feeding schedule, and your own personal needs. Newborns are best captured in the first 2 weeks of life. They are best photographed with bare skin and maybe a few accesories and props. For newborns allow up to 3 hours.

To capture the expressions and smiles from your children that you know and love, be prepared to help me interact and have fun with your children. I often will spend some time asking your children questions to get to know their personality and help them loosen up. Feel free to bring any special toys that get your child's attention. I try to make each session relaxed and fun for everyone involved.

If you have specific image posing ideas that you would like to capture, please discuss this with me when booking your session or before your session begins.


It is important to choose clothing that reflects the personality of the individual(s) being photographed. Simple clothes and solid colors tend to work well, but color can add richness. Bright colors and fun accessories often add a nice touch. Avoid busy clothing with logos and/or images that can be distracting in the photos. Consider your home decor and ask yourself would this create a wall portrait that I would be proud to still have on the wall 20 years from now.


Your proofs will be ready to view within two weeks of your session. Approx. 25-35 proofs will be shown in your private gallery. We will set up an ordering appointment at my studio after you have viewed your gallery. If you are not quite sure what sizes or groupings will work best in your home, I can consult with you to make the most of your session. You will be able to view your images on a large screen and see what the images will look like on your own walls. Online ordering is available for out of town family upon request.

Ordering appointments will be scheduled within 7 days of receiving online viewing gallery. Galleries will expire after 7 days, and there will be a $25.00 charge to have your gallery republished for an additional 7 days. Orders from full sessions placed at ordering appointment, may choose 1 free 5x7 print.